Friday, October 19, 2012

Stay Tuned by Lauren Clark Book Review

The Chicklitplus Blog Tour makes another stop at Writer’s Corner.  Please welcome Lauren Clark on her tour for Stay Tuned.


Melissa Moore is a producer at WSGA news station in Macon Georgia.  She also has the role of wife and mother to her husband Chris and grown daughter Kelly.  Melissa is producing the ten o’clock news show when an interesting incident occurs.  Both anchors are called into the director’s office and fired.   Suddenly Melissa finds herself in a new role in front of the camera.  Will she have the courage to take on this new role at work?  She barely speaks with her husband and is left with many questions as to his fidelity in their marriage.  Candace her best friend helps steady her with the best Dr. Phil advice. 

My Thoughts:
This novel is Lauren Clark’s debut novel which deserves a round of applauses for a first effort.  I thought the novel was a little slow to start but kept my interest all the way through.   I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next?  I wonder if we will see more from these characters.  I look forward to the next book.

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