Friday, April 6, 2012

Want to Check out Darcy's side of the story? Something Blue by Emily Giffin

When writing this review I would retitle the book. My title would be There Is Something About Darcy.  

Darcy is a hard character to like if you have read Something Borrowed. Darcy’s story picks up with her storming out of Rachel’s apartment where she discovered Dex having an affair. Darcy immediately goes to Marcus expecting absolution and confirmation that she did the right thing. The reaction she get is different than expected. Darcy cannot understand how all the people she has tried to  use her influence; end up  departing her life. She then leaves for England to go see an old friend Ethan. She learns a lot while she is there.

My Thoughts:
 I liked the book.  I had a hard time with the first one hundred pages.  Ms. Giffin  does well to convery sympathy for Darcy.  I almost gave up on the book because I felt so much for Darcy.   I didn’t blame the others for having the reactions to Darcy that they did.  This book is about how people grow and change. 

Emily’s second effort as a novel is even better than the first. The book showed tremendous growth and development as a writer. I was excited to read this book. I will equally as excited for her other books.


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