Friday, April 6, 2012

Book Review Hollywood Under The Covers


Hollywood Under  The Covers is the story of Lacy Fox and her adventures in Hollywood as a romance writer. She is a well established writer who is famous for her character Tiger. The inspiration for Tiger came from meeting Dario at a party one night in Hollywood. She still struggles with her feelings for him because of his sudden rise in fame. Dario is an actor and love interest that she struggles to be with throughout the novel. She has full support by her Aunt Liz who is a retired actress. She also has her friendship with Crystal who is jealous of her fame in her writing career. She introduces her to Marcus a world renowned singer. Lacy later forms a relationship with Marcus and also stands by him in his moment of crisis. Her nemesis in the novel is Jake Slader the talent agent who has many high powered clients and has known Lacy from birth. Only Lacy is smart enough to turn away any of his advances. I

My Thoughts:

 I  found this book to be an easy read. A page turner! I would also compare her writing to style to that of Judith Krantz or Jackie Collins.  This book did not truly resonate with me.  Like I said though if you like  the authors previously mentioned then this is the book for you.

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