Friday, April 6, 2012

Mine Are Spectacular ! How about yours?


I picked up this book to read for a book club.  I was pleasantly surprised by the story.  Janice Kaplan the writer of
The Botox Diaries has written another great book.


This story is about three women and their friendship. Kate is a Dermatologist who is famous for her practice and her  activities in the bedroom. Berni is the former Hollywood agent who is looking for new opportunities. Then there is Sarah who is engaged to be married about to inherit a new family. Sara has the courage to move forward after her ex-husband comes back into the picture and a possible television career. These women are all in their forties and experiencing new beginnings.

My Thoughts:

The message of this book is that anything is possible no matter what they age. I really enjoyed this book. I would read another book by this author.   I loved the positive message of this book.  What would you dare to dream?



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