Thursday, May 2, 2013

Are You Ready to Take a Vacation?

Have you ever wanted to travel to Europe see the sights?  Marilyn Brant gives us this opportunity in A Summer in Europe.
A Summer In Europe 

Gwen’s birthday is coming up and she is expecting great gifts.  The day involves lunch with her boyfriend Richard and dinner with her Aunt Bea and the Sudoku and Mahjong club.   She is at the restaurant waiting excitedly for the ring from her boyfriend, but instead she gets a pair of earrings with a promise to consider a proposal in the future.   Gwen leaves to go to her aunt’s for the birthday dinner with the club.   They eat and then present her with her gift a trip to Europe.   Gwen is surprised!  Will she survive leaving her comfortable surroundings in Dubuque Iowa?  Will her relationship with Richard last?

My Thoughts:

I liked this book a great deal.  Who doesn’t love taking a trip to Europe?  I thought the plot was great for this book.    The idea of taking someone so limited as Gwen and exposing her to new possibilities.  I love the growth of Gwen throughout the book.  I could sympathize with her feelings about traveling with the S and M club.   I did find the book a little slow at times.

If you could dream of a great vacation? Where would you go?  In this journey Gwen and Aunt Bea visited Italy, France, Austria, England, and Hungary.  Which would be your favorite to visit?

If you would like to visit these countries?  Then Marilyn is giving away a Summer in Europe gift basket with a signed copy of the book, t-shirt, and movie.  This is a giveaway at Stonecrest Library.

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