Friday, May 3, 2013

What Could You Forget?

Emma asks herself that question in Catherine McKenzie’s latest novel Forgotten.  Thank you to Catherine and William Morrow for sending this novel.

Product Details 
What would you do if all of the sudden circumstances take a drastic turn in your life?  Emma Tupper tries to answer these questions after coming back from a trip to Africa that lasted longer than she thought it would.   Once back from the airport she heads to her apartment to find out that the key does not work in the lock to her door.    She goes to visit her neighbor who isn’t home, but a handsome stranger helps her out.  It just so happens that this stranger happens to live in her apartment.  How could this be?  Then Emma finds out the worst news that she is considered missing presumed dead because the Africa trip to so long.  Will her life ever be the same?

My Thoughts:

I cannot tell you how much I loved this novel!   I didn’t know if I would be interested initially.  I thought this novel would be about Emma’s trip to Africa and in a way it is.  You learn a little about Emma’s trip throughout the book.  Also the reason she took so long coming back.   Emma is a very multifaceted character.  She wears many hats:  lawyer, daughter, girlfriend, and best friend.   I found the story interesting how these roles changed some after her trip.   The characters of Craig, Sophie, and Stephanie are flushed out a little more as the novel progresses with some startling results.  All of these factors together made for an extremely interesting read. 

Catherine has a new novel coming out soon Hidden.  I know that this will be worth the read.  Please contact her on Facebook  and her website.

You can also win a copy of this book at Stonecrest Library on May 18th.



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