Saturday, May 4, 2013

Join Catherine McKenzie for the Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Catherine McKenzie and William Morrow have donated three copies of Spin for the giveaway at Stonecrest.  Thank you so much.  I look forward to sharing her debut novel. 


Katie has been having fun and partying since college. Oh and did I mention that she is nearing her thirtieth birthday.  On this most important day Katie gets great news a Writer position at the Line and they want to interview her.  Best friend Greer asks her to come out and party to celebrate.  Katie goes thinking she will have just one drink.  All of the sudden the next morning arrives and it is fifteen minutes before her interview.  Will she make it?   The interview doesn’t go as planned.  Katie thinks that she has lost her dream job.  A phone call from the office of The Line comes asking for her to possibly work for the Line.  All she has to do is go to rehab and get the goods on this famous actress TGND.  Will Katie admit she has a problem?  Will she be able to carry out the task?

My Thoughts: 

I have developed a great appreciation for Catherine McKenzie’s writing.   Spin was not my favorite of her novels.   I liked the way the story started kind of rough around the edges.   I had a hard time loving Kate’s character in the beginning.  She sort of grew on my as the novel progressed.    I did find the art of denial with the characters in rehab rather interesting in the since that this was more a prison which they wanted to get out of. The characters are full of humor.  A great story with an unexpected ending!



Please stop by and let Catherine know what your thoughts are about her novel on Facebook page, Twitter, or her Website.

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