Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Time to Put on Your Wedding Shoes!

Wedding Belles by Haywood Smith is the third novel in the Red Hat series.  Are you ready to take a walk down the aisle?

You are invited to Wedding of Callie Baker and Wade Bowman.   Callie has just announced to her parents that she plans to marry Wade Bowman who happens to be her father’s best friend.  He is also known to Georgia her mother and the red hat club for his shenanigans in the past.   These revelations have caused grave concerns for Georgia.  Will she be happy for her daughter?  Or will she cause a rift between the two?  What solution will the red hats devise?

  My Thoughts:

This is my first Haywood Smith novel.   I was initially drawn to her because of the humor in her writing.  She shares bits and pieces of her writing  at her live events.   Humor in writing can be a  great asset.   I felt she used it well in this novel.  I enjoyed the characters.   You will enjoy meeting Tiny, Pru, Linda, Diane,  and others.
How would you feel if your daughter came to you said I want to marry a man who is thirty years my senior?  Would you be happy for her? These are the questions that Georgia must answer. 

 I did not enjoy the local flavor that was mentioned throughout the novel.  I am looking forward to reading another novel by this author.



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