Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What Happens When You Lose a Sister?

L. Alison Heller shares her second novel The Never Sisters with us.  Thank you for a copy.  We are also sharing a few copies for our readers.  Stay tuned for further details.


Paige has always done what is asked of her by her parents.  She has the perfect career as a Marriage Counselor.  All is right with the world until her older sister Sloane comes back into her life.  Her family has to cope with how this will impact them.  This is not Paige’s only problem.  Her husband Dave shows up at the apartment during the middle of the day.  He says that he is suspended until further notice from work.  Paige has many questions but with few answers.  Will her sister be able to help her?  Will Dave tell her the truth?

My Thoughts: 

So what did I think of L. Alison’s second novel?  I liked it.   The novel asks the question what happens when a long lost sister comes back to her family to reconnect?   We see most of this story through Paige’s perspective.  There are snippets throughout the novel from their mother Vanessa which is shared from her journals. 
Paige and Sloane’s story is set in Upper East Side New York.  They both come from a high society family.  Where reputation is key more important than anything else.  I often describe my sister and myself as opposite as night and day.  I think this description applies to the sisters.  Paige is the good girl who follows exactly what her parents want in her life.  Sloane is rebel with a cause of reconnecting with her family.  A chance with her sister?

The part of the story that was hard for was trying to find out what was going on with Dave.  This character annoyed me and me think he was very shady.  I think pacing could have been better.  

This story is a great beach read!


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