Monday, May 19, 2014

How would L. Alison Cast The Never Never Sisters?

Thank you to L. Alison for stopping by Writer’s Corner to share casting The NeverNever Sisters.  So let’s see what Alison has to share!

During the months that I was heavily revising the book, I happened to step into the same subway as Mamie Gummer, who was just there, hanging out in the middle of a crowded car, talking to a friend. I try to act like a cool New Yorker when I see celebrities but this time, I broke into a huge goofy grin because the only thought in my head was, “There’s Paige! Hello Paige!” (The voice in my head sounded a lot like Andre the Giant in The Princess Bride.) She’s all lovely and golden and possesses the exact unique prettiness, as well as a sweetness, that I pictured the character having.

This one is tough. Aubrey Plaza could probably do a decent job, although she’s a little young, I think. Or maybe one of the other Gummer sisters in a dark wig? They’re probably young too. Oh! I know! Angelina Jolie: I hear she’s not hard to get at all.


Matt Long. He’s been on a few things: Jack on the TV show Jack and Bobby (although I’m the only one who watched that, I think—mostly because of him) and Mad Men (he was the one who was so horrible to Joan that Peggy fired him). He’s extremely nice-looking and I think could do an excellent job of being charming/disarming with just that twist of sourness. Plus, he was really, really fun to picture while writing.

This is embarrassing, because I have someone in mind, but her name has gone into a deep dark well in my brain and I can’t retrieve it. She’s been in a bunch of—none of which I can remember—and I just spent about a half an hour trying to track down her identity, but couldn’t. So . . . let’s go with Lainie Kazan, okay? If I think of the other actress, I’ll let you know. (Do you think actual casting decisions ever get made this way? Let’s all be grateful I’m not in Hollywood, although Ms. Kazan would do a fantastic job I’m sure.)

Matt Czurchy (Logan from Gilmore Girls and Cary from The Good Wife) because he’s blond with the perfect crinkly smile and dry delivery.

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  1. I love when authors cast books. :) I am glad I won this from you and look forward to reading it sometime.
    I wouldn't mind Aubrey Plaza. She's so fascinating!