Thursday, May 22, 2014

Good Night Nobody!

Welcome to Upchurch Connecticut where the moms are snobs and your husband is barely there. One day you receive a phone call from one of the other moms (Kitty Cavanaugh).  What could she possibly want? 


Kate Klein is a young mother of three who brought her children to this lovely house and makes a discovery.  Kate does the responsible thing and let the police know, but she can’t let it go of what she has discovered.  She starts to pursue leads as to who did it?  While her best friend Janie is game to help solve the case her husband is not.   What about a blast from the past?  What changes does this bring for Kate and her family?

My Thoughts:

I was very entertained by this classic Jennifer Weiner novel.  I listened to the audio version where Emily Skinner narrated.  I very much enjoyed her narration.   This novel was one of the more humorous mysteries I have ever read.

Who doesn’t identify with moving to a new town and not fitting in?  I had really hoped that the husband would come around.  I felt sorry for her with his ignorance.   I had thought the novel would last longer than what it did! I sort of hoped for a different ending.   



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Casting Couch:
Janie:  Nancy Greer
Kate Klein:  Reese Witherspoon
Ben Klein:  Zachary Qinto
Laura Lynn Beard:  Ellen Pompeo
Joel Ash:  Tom Berenger
Kate’s Mother:  Shanna Reed
Kate’s Father:   Mark Harmon
Kitty Cavanaugh:  Katherine Heigl
Sookie Southerland:  Jessica Capshaw

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