Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Patti Callahan Henry Shares her Thoughts on How to Cast The Stories We Tell

Thank you to Patti Callahan Henry for coming to Writer's Corner today to share her casting picks for THE STORIES WE TELL. 

The main character in THE STORIES WE TELL, Eve, is in her forties and running a letterpress company. Eve is a creative spirit trying desperately to keep the image of her life together. If I close my eyes I can see Diane Lane playing this character exactly right. Oh, to hear her say. "Can't anyone be happy in your stories?" (a line from the book).
 Eve's husband Cooper is cool enough to pull off the best of lies and look good doing it. Sean Penn would saunter through this role with ease. By the opening of the movie, he'd have a scar across his face and look good sporting it while keeping his life together. And Max, Oh my favorite character and Eve's co-worker. Mark Ruffalo definitely. I saw him while I was writing this part--his rugged good looks and raspy voice with a quick wit.
 Eve also has an eighteen year old daughter struggling with her own "becoming" and Elle Fanning (From We Bought a Zoo) has that perfect pitch between rebellion and adorable.  Eve's sister, Willa, is a co-star with Eve: her memories and dreams push the story forward with some comedy and some sadness. This part was made for Reese Witherspoon with her southern accent and whimsical air.
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