Thursday, April 17, 2014

Who Would Like to Visit the Chateau at Marmont?

Prior to the revenge of the Devil; there was Last Night at Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger.  Since finishing this one I am all caught up on her novels and ready to share it with you.


Brooke has been working hard at her job as a nutritionist.  She is an intern at NYU hospital and works a couple days a week as a school nutritionist at a local private school.  Meanwhile her husband is Julian is an intern at Sony who has been working on his album and performing gigs all over town.  One day he hits it big with his song For the Lost.  Once success becomes normal for Julian, Brooke is left with how to cope?   Will her friends and family be supportive?  Will she keep her career on track?

My Thoughts:

I always look forward with much anticipation for one of Lauren’s novels.  I actually listened to this novel and Merritt Wever did a great job narrating the novel.   I also loved how Lauren brought us behind the scenes of what it is like for a musician when he becomes famous.    When I had a chance to meet Lauren I heard her discuss the inspiration for this novel.  The inspiration for her was the seeing Gavin Degraw at a local club in New York.

For me initially this novel was a little slow for me.  I liked the characters and thought they were interesting!  I especially found Brooke’s and Julian’s family reactions interesting to Julian’s change of status as a musician.  The character of Brooke Alter was written well and you could definitely see her passion for both her husband and her career.  

The Chateau Marmont is mentioned twice in this novel.  It did not get much exposure except for the first time it is mentioned.  I don’t know that I would mind staying there myself.  One can always dream that might be possible.



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