Friday, April 18, 2014

The Next Adventure in the Anna Travis series

As the eighth installment of the Anna Travis series, acclaimed author Lynda La Plante returns with Backlash.   Refer to the link in the title to check out other novels by Lynda La Plante. 


Henry Oates, is accused of killing a woman, after having sex with her in his van.  He saw her outside a bar.  It turns out, he is also responsible for the disappearance" of Fidelis Julia Flynn, a college student from Dublin, Ireland. Anna with Langton investigates clues that lead them to the case in the past.    Some of the clues found could possibly link the cases.  Could this old case be the key to what really happened all those years ago?

My Thoughts:

To be honest, I did not enjoy this novel. Unfortunately the story did not hold my interest. The story seemed similar to one of those crime shows you might watch on television.  While the author has written much about the main character Anna Travis there was not much that made her favorable.   The story is set in London England. 
A crime procedural does not interest me as a reader.  You might enjoy this author if you like works of fiction such as Kathy Reichs, Patricia Cornwall, or Mary Higgins Clark.  Then this novel is for you! By Josephine Mattia



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