Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Continuing Saga of Bridget Jones!

Mad About the Boy, is the latest installment of the Bridget Jones series by Helen Fielding.   I was happy to re-read about the characters I loved.  But is it the best sequel yet?


Mad About the Boy takes place approximately ten plus years after the second installment of the Bridget Jones’s Series.    Watch as Bridget tries to navigate being newly single and a mother as well.  After being out of the dating world for so many years, she has a lot to learn.   She is still reading her self-help books and trying to master Twitter.  With the help of her wacky friends, Bridget will figure it out…eventually.   The biggest question is:  What has happened to Mark Darcy?

My Thoughts:

I was slightly disappointed that some of the character’s lives were basically at a standstill since we had last seen them.   I find as this series goes on Bridget becomes less funny.  When does being quirky and a little clueless turn into being weird and dumb?  I felt the question was answered  when Bridget becomes a mom.  It is one thing to read about crazy single drunk Bridget, it is another to ready about a ditzy inebriated mother.

 This book just seemed sadder than the other three.  I was not so much rooting for Bridget (as I was in the previous books), as I was shouting “PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER”.  There were definitely some laughs but nothing compares to the first book.   Overall, I found that I was wondering what had become of Bridget Jones?  I found out however; that I did not like the answer.    By Alicia Kociuba



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