Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Want to Dance the Acadian Waltz?

The Alexandrea has donated a copy of the Acadian Waltz for the giveaway at Stonecrest Library on the 18th of May.

Nora has reached her thirtieth birthday and now her mother feels it is time to settle down and marry.  She grudgingly agrees to the many blind dates set by her mother and step father.   None of them seem to be really worth  the effort.  One night after a particularly bad date, Nora is in the emergency room after her date had a bad reaction to the food.  She meets a doctor John Blessing.  They start to see one another.  Her mother couldn’t be happier, but is he truly a blessing in disguise?  Enter a man from Nora’s past Jean Marc Gaspard.  He reminds Nora of the past but what will she choose for her future?

My Thoughts:

This novel is more of a romance novel.   I did enjoy it!  I agonized over the decisions that Nora makes throughout the novel.  The novel is beautifully crafted in plot.  Who doesn’t have a mother who means well but causes more harm than good?  I appreciate the way the author shows the turmoil that Nora goes through as she comes to her decision.

This novel shows more of the history of New Orleans.  The Gaspard family is Cajun in origin and descended from a famous pirate.  I love learning more about the history of a place that I don’t know much about.

The setting of New Orleans is not written about often.    Alexandrea’s writing is worth checking out as she shares the area that she knows well.
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