Thursday, May 16, 2013

Passion for the Market

Anita Hughes has a delicious treat in her next novel Market Street.  She weaves a tale
of true desires and betrayal.


Cassie is the heiress of the famous department store in San Francisco Fentons.  Her husband Aidan is a professor at UC-Berkley in the Economics department.  One day while in Fenton’s she makes a discovery about her husband.   An event that sends her to her best friend Alexis’s home to recover.   There Cassie is asked to confront her future with her husband?  Career? And life?  How will her experiences help her choose her path?  

My Thoughts:

 The second novel is even better than the first.  Ms. Hughes novel reminds me of the author Judith Krantz and her style of writing.   The plot is a journey for the main character Cassie.  I loved the question that was asked by different characters in the novel.  “What is your passion?”  What do you like to do?  Is this not a question that we all ask and wonder what the answer is for us?

 The main character has a wealthy background.  Does it make the story more interesting?  For me it gives me a place and a character that is a little out of my norm.  Also a way to dream of what might be one day. 

Only thing I didn’t love is this is the second novel where divorce has become part of theme of the story.   It was not the main focus.  I definitely look forward to future novels by this author.



Should you like win a copy of this novel drop by Stonecrest library on May 18th for the program.

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