Saturday, May 18, 2013

Are You Ready For a Walk Down the Aisle?

Jessica Gordon has donated an eBook copy of this for the program on May 18th at Stonecrest Library.  Thank you for sending the copy.   Thank you for letting me share
this novel.


Shoshana (Sho) is engaged to the man of her dreams Drew Walsh.  Sho comes from modest surroundings while Drew comes from a wealthy family.  Sho is not really thrilled about meeting her future sister in laws.  As Sho spends time with them she gradually starts to adjust to the family when she meets her future brother in law Mark.  Sho has to meet him for work but ends up spending time with him when Drew is not around too.  Who will She choose Drew or Mark?  How will she change as she becomes accustomed to the wealth?

My Thoughts:
Overall I enjoyed this novel especially since I am familiar with where this novel is set.  I also loved that this novel is about a wedding but in a different since.   The novel is not a how to on planning a wedding but what happens when you have to become part of someone else’s family?  What sacrifices or affect you or others?

This novel is my first by Jessica Gordon.   She lives and writes about the Washington D.C. area.   This novel is like a Cinderella story, where the Cinderella who just isn’t sure about her Prince.  There were times with the character of Sho I wanted her to stand up for herself more or for Drew to wake up and pay attention to his finance.  I am very curious what Drew’s position is in his job?  The author is very sketchy about the details.



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