Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dancing in Style!

Dancing Naked in DixieDancing Naked in Dixie is the second novel by Lauren Clark.  This one certainly comes out in style.  This is the  novel is also part of the giveaway on May 18th at Stonecrest Library.


Julia Sullivan is a travel columnist for the magazine Getaways.   Her job includes a lot of travel.  She is constantly leaving New York for one assignment after another.  This leaves her boyfriend Andrew constantly trying to find time with Julia.  She also does not have much of a relationship with her father David Sullivan who also happens to be her new boss.  Julia is asked to come to his office and he presents her with a different assignment to go to Eufaula, Alabama and write about the annual pilgrimage.  What will she decide?  Will she go?  What adventures await Julia in Alabama?
My Thoughts:
Lauren’s second novel is definitely worth the wait.  I had a slow start with this one.  I did enjoy the cultural differences between north and south.  I just didn’t immediately love Julia.  This quickly changed as I read more about her adventures and the problems she ran into in Alabama.    I also enjoyed the mystery that occurred with phase three and found myself unable to put the novel down because I wanted to know how it ended.
  I one aspect of Lauren’s writing I like greatly is the focus on the story.  There are no intimate scenes within either of her novels.  I don’t feel this is needed to tell a great story.   I realize that some publishers look at that aspect as being important to sell the story, but this is not always true.  I hope that she continues to write stories such as this!

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  1. Thank you so much Jencey ! I really appreciate your review and for featuring Dancing Naked in Dixie!!!!

    xx, Lauren