Saturday, January 5, 2013

Finding Hope within Jerusalem!

The final leg of the journey in the Zion series takes us to ancient Jerusalem.  Jerusalem Hope is the final book in the Zion Chronicles series:
Jerusalem's Hope (The Zion Legacy, Book VI) 

Moshe is sent to study some scrolls in the ancient temple in Jerusalem.   The scroll contains a story about ancient Jerusalem during the reign of Rome.  Pontius Pilate is governor of the area and has sent Marcus the centurion  to oversee the water aqueduct that is being built for Jerusalem’s benefit.   The people in Jerusalem are against this aqueduct because of use of the Korban money (used to support the temple in Jerusalem).   Nakdamion is on the Sanhedrin council but was asked to research the claims of Yeshua and whether they are true or not?  He meets three orphans Emet, Avel, and H-or Tov who are sent to Zadok.   They have a special message for him.   Will the events that are about to occur keep them from giving Zadok the message?  Will events escalate with the aqueduct?

My Thoughts:

 I felt this book was okay and kept my interest.  I did read it a little out of order in the series.  This story takes place in ancient past.  I would recommend using this series to study for daily quiet time study.   The authors of this series are known for seamlessly going from one series to the next.   This whole series is to prepare you for the one of their current series The AD Chronicles.    Once you have read this book you will understand the purpose of The AD Chronicles.

What would you do to protect what you believe?  Would you step out in faith to deliver a message?  Would you go against authorities to follow God’s calling?  These are the questions asked in Jerusalem’s Hope.

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