Saturday, January 5, 2013

Can We Fill Someone Else’s Shoes?

In Her Shoes
One of Jennifer Weiner’s earlier novels In Her Shoes explores the roles in a sister’s relationship.  For example which sister is successful and which is not?  How do families play a role in this relationship?


Maggie has always struggled to live up to her sister Rose the lawyer.  We first meet Maggie at a bar where her sister Rose has to come again to rescue her.   Someone in Maggie’s family comes to her rescue often, either Rose or their father.  Rose tries to deliver to her dad’s house, but is turned away.  Maggie comes to live with Rose.  Will things ever be the same?   One night Rose comes home from work and finds Maggie with her boyfriend in bed.   Rose throws everyone out and starts on a new direction for her life.  What will happen to Maggie?  What will Roses new direction reveal about her life?

My Thoughts:

This is my second time reading this novel.  I listened to the audio version  which is abridged.   I was disappointed with the abridgment because it left out many of my favorite moments in this novel.   Some of my favorite moments are Maggie’s time at Princeton which is mentioned but not in as much detail.   Rose attending a party in her honor which her step mother hosted.    Rose gets revenge and creates a very hilarious moment.  Maggie learns to grow when coming to visit Ella.

This novel will stay in my library for a long time.  I have come to greatly appreciate both Maggie and Rose.  Some copies of this novel have an interview with the author which is what made me appreciate her writing.   I look forward to my next Jennifer Weiner novel.

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