Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Do You Need Any Persuading When It Comes to Jane Austen?

Persuasion is one of Jane Austen’s later novels.   She wrote about the satire of society and its effects on the chance of marriage.


PersuasionAnne Elliot has listened to friends and family when it comes to the men in her life.   Should marry them or not?  Anne met the love of her life Captain Wentworth earlier but was discouraged from pursuing him.  Will Anne be able to break away from her family and make her own decision about love and happiness?  Will society affect her choices?

My Thoughts:

I feel that classics are important, but I often have to give my full attention to it.   I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice but also have a greater understanding of the story.   I feel that I will come to appreciate Persuasion in time once I have given it more time.  
Should we let marriage decide our future?   Does our family have our best interests at heart?  It is interesting that this marriage and family connections were so important back about one hundred fifty years ago.  

I look forward to reading my next Jane Austen novel.


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