Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mary Kay Andrews Shares the Tasty Quixie Soda and So Much More!

I attended Mary Kay Andrew’s Launch party for Spring Fever.  I very much looked forward to sharing this book with everyone.
Product Details 

Annajane has been divorced from Mason Bayless for five years.  She is engaged but she finds herself at his wedding.     Mason is engaged to Celia Wakefield a consultant hired to consult at Quixie.  The church is packed for their wedding with all the Baylesses in attendance including Sally, Pokey (Annajane’s best friend), Davis, and Mason’s daughter Sophie.   The wedding is halted by a sudden emergency.  Annajane sees her opportunity to possibly win Mason back.  Will Mason wise up to Celia’s way?  Will the family business continue?

My Thoughts:

I very much liked Mary Kay Andrews’s newest book Spring Fever.  This story is different than Summer Rental with a slightly different focus.   Mary Kay takes us on a journey into the soft drink company Quixie.   One aspect of MKA’s writing is how thorough she is with the setting which is Pascoe North Carolina. 

  I did like the book but it is not a favorite.  I very much enjoyed the character of Sophie.   The best part of this book is the love triangle plot between Celia, Annajane, and Mason.  Many times in stories the man in this position is often portrayed as a total moron, but that does not describe Mason.  The book is enjoyable and will make you laugh.



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