Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ellen Feldman Looks to the Past!

I won this book in the mystery giveaway by Random House.  Thank you to Random House and Ellen Feldman for the opportunity to review this book.

Product DetailsSynopsis:

Grace, Babe, and Millie are friends that live in South Downs Massachusetts.  The time is 1942 prior to the draft and the beginning of the World War Two.  Once America is attacked each woman must face time alone and be there to support one another in friendship.  Grace is home alone with her daughter Amy while Charlie fights in the war.  Millie is dying to marry Pete before he heads off to fight and marries Pete.  Babe and follows Claude her man to the camp and marries him.   The women support each other but who will survive?  What will life be like after the war?

My Thoughts:

I felt this book has a poignant view about World War II.  This book reminded me of the film Flags of Our Fathers where we see how the war impacted the soldiers who participated.  In this book the author shares what it was like for those who survived the war and those who did not?  The book is very well written and compels you to come along for the ride with these women.

There are many emotions involved in this book.  The soldiers who survived the war came back changed men from who they were before.   My father described this experience with my grandfather.  He asked questions like would dad been different had he been able to deal with his feelings after the war.  This conflict affects the relationships between the wives and the soldiers.   Your emotions are pulled between to the two sides. 



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