Monday, August 20, 2012

Calling All Bloggers to a Wonderful Reference Guide!

So You Want to Write a Guest Blog Post an Author’s Guide to Promoting with Guest Blogging by Jaime McDougall

I won this book through a giveaway on  I like other bloggers are looking for references that can improve our blogs and our writing.  While this book is written more for authors who do need the help especially now with the expectation of not only promoting their own work but becoming socially adept online.  Many publishers now have technology pages for authors as references.  So this book is a great added reference to the websites mentioned above.

Here are some of the topics covered in the book.  Why write a guest post?  Why is this important in marketing your work? Another topic is how to write a guest blog post.   The author gives suggestions from the length of the post to topics that can be subjects for guest posts.    She focuses a great deal on how to research blogs to find the right one to meet your needs.
My Thoughts:
Like I side before this book is written more for authors, but I found it a great reference for bloggers too.   Bloggers need to know what blog tour coordinators are looking for in their blogs and resources to also help promote their blogs.   Then they can be sure to meet the author’s needs.   Authors can then use this resource to find us and work as a team to promote their work.


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