Thursday, May 24, 2012

Check Out the Mouth Watering Deep Dish by Mary Kay Andrews

The book club pick for Chick Lit and Other Fiction is Deep Dishby Mary Kay Andrews.  I couldn’t think of a better book to jump into in November.

Gina Foxton has had her own cooking show on the Georgia Public Television Network.  She learns that her boyfriend Scott who is also her producer caused their show to be canceled.  She wonders what she can do to save her career.  On the other side of the studio Tate Moody and his show Vittles has been incredibly successful.  His producer Val is always looking for new opportunities to promote her star.  Enter Barry Adelman with a proposed contest called Food Fight to see who the best southern chef is.  Gina and Tate have mixed reactions to this idea proposed by both their producers.  They agree at first to compete to see who the best southern chef.  Could there also be another reward such as who can win each other’s heart?  Will they be successful?
My Thoughts:

Mary Kay Andrews is one of my favorite authors.   I loved Hissy Fit and Summer Rental I didn’t love Deep Dish as much as the ones I mentioned prior.   I thought the topic was interesting chefs having to compete in the competition.  I just didn’t enjoy the characters as much as in this story.   I did find myself rooting for the competitors in the Food Fight competition.   Ms. Andrews has a flair for creating wonderful characters.   I will always look forward to her next book.

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