Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Liane Moriarity Puts You In a Trance

Thank you to Lydia Hirt, Liane Moriarty, and Putnam Books for the opportunity to review this book.   The book Hypnotist's Love Story is also featured in the giveaway at Stonecrest Library.

Ellen has a different profession than most.  Her business is Hypnotherapy.   In her family and love life this profession has met with mixed reviews.   Ellen’s mother is a doctor and raised her with two godmothers.   The boyfriends haven’t stood a chance until Patrick.  There is only one problem with this relationship besides Ellen’s family.  Patrick has a stalker!  Yes you heard correctly there is a stalker and her name is Saskia.  Ellen takes pity on Saskia which makes her relationship with Patrick interesting.  What will happen next? Will Ellen and Patrick survive this relationship?

My Thoughts:

This is my first Liane Moriarty novel.   I have to say I found the story interesting.  The author took two different viewpoints in this story one being Ellen’s point of view and the other Saskia.  I found that Ellen was what I expected in a character.   The really interesting point of view was Saskia’s.   The topic of hypnotherapy was very interesting as well.   I love novels that teach me something new about a topic I know little about.

Who would be interested in changing their career?  What would it take for someone to become a hypnotherapist?  What do you think you could help people do or achieve?  A person in this field has to have the love for caring for patients.  Where do your passions lie?  What career would you choose?


 To contact Liane Moriarty   you can contact her on facebook and website.

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