Friday, May 11, 2012

Effie at the Wedding by Tracy Marchini

Tracy Marchini is visiting Writer’s Corner for the first time. She is a freelance writer who has started writing her own books.   Effie at the Wedding is her first stand alone fiction novel. 


  Her character Effie likes to write lists and she chronicles he experience attending her sister’s wedding.  She faces several challenges during the wedding and the hang-ups of her family.  She does have a heart and cares deeply for her sister.   Will she survive her family at the wedding?

  So here is my list:

Three Reasons why you will like this book:

1.      Effie is full of humor.

2.     I hope you like lists.

3.     Great book for if you like to read about weddings.

Thank you to Tracy Marchini for providing this book.



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