Sunday, May 6, 2012

Let the Hilarity Begin! Visit With Jen Lancaster

I am new to Jen Lancaster and her books.   I know that several of my friends are fans.   I went to the Barnes and Noble in Buckhead to see what they liked so much. 

Jen greeted us for with her great sense of humor.   She is on tour for Jeneration X.   We learned that she will go back and forth between memoir and fiction for publishing her books.    Jeneration X is another of Jen’s memoirs.   Her last novel If You Were here is her first fiction novel.    

Jeneration X is about her becoming more grown up.     She shared a piece with us “Role Models.”   I really enjoyed what she read.   She then opened the floor for Q& A:

Will she ditch Whole Foods for Trader Joes?

Jen:  I am thinking of switching to the new Trader Joes near her house. 

Has she given up reality television?

Jen:  I am doing a lot of reading and watching more scripted dramas.

What is your favorite book that was made into a movie?

Jen:  The Help.

Jen finished the evening sharing with us that one of her books is going to be made into a movie.     She is hopeful that Melissa McCarthy will be interested in playing her part.   Her agent is hoping to put the books in front of her.

She also shared that her next book is about her attempting Martha Stewart crafts and food.  I enjoyed the evening very much.   I look forward to reading her novel If You Were here.  Jen is a great author to honor during International Chick Lit Month.

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