Thursday, March 31, 2016

What Happens After World War I is Over?

I have read many books in my time, but none about World War I, or what happened after it was over.  I learned in school how it changed history in the United States and other countries.  Author Jennifer Robson shows us in  another country Great Britain.  We meet Charlotte Brown and learn what life was like for women.
Charlotte Brown has been in the service of Cumberland family for years.  She has become great friends with Lilly her charge also known as Elizabeth Cumberland.  Charlotte was the governess of Lilly in her childhood but is hired by her brother Edward.  He becomes Lord Cumberland after their father dies.  Will he be able to have what he wants in life?  Once Lilly reaches her eighteenth birthday what will happen to Charlotte?  How does life change when the Great War happens?  Once the war is over Charlotte takes a job in Liverpool.  She  still has contact with the Cumberland family.  What has happened to Edward and how that does affect his relationship with Charlotte?
My Thoughts:
I was excited to read one of Jennifer Robson’s book.  I have not read  of her other work before.   The subject of World War I and life after the war is interesting to me.  I loved the part that focused on the Women’s’ Liberation movement.  I found the novel slow at times.  Charlotte’s character was not  interesting to me.  The author lays out the various layers of this character but takes much of the book to do it.  Her life seems like  normal everyday.  She is well liked by most of the characters.  The climax  questioned whether she would have the courage to step out in faith and claim her future.  
Happy Reading!
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