Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How Well Do You Know the Bible?

Last summer, I was invited to take part in a summer bible study with Lifeway Women’s ministry.  The study was Seamless by Angie Smith.  The bible study is formatted in six weeks.  I enjoyed getting to know a new teacher.  I hope you will too!
The goal of this study is to get through the entire bible.  The weeks are broken down into daily homework sessions.  You will read the bible passages that relate to current topics of each week.  The beginning of each week begins with the session from the Lifeway website.  You have the option to include the video sessions from the actual study.  I found the sessions to be  affordable and they aren’t long videos.  Angie shares her heart and where she is going with this study and what she wants us to get out of it.   There are also review questions at the beginning of each week for group discussion. 
My Thoughts: 
I thought that Angie is a good teacher but this is not the bible study for me.  One aspect of the study I was not aware of  is that this study is geared towards teenagers.   I understand her message that she wanted to help not only teenagers but those women who are new to the faith.  So if you are a starting out in your faith then this is the study for you.  It will help give you perspective and to grow, in your faith.  
Please visit Angie on her Facebook page, Website, and Twitter.

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