Monday, March 2, 2015

When It Feels Like a Book Is Speaking Directly to You… by Tina Guyden

Thank you to Carol Vorvain sending me a copy of When Dreams Are Calling in exchange for an honest review. The prologue of Carol Vorvain’s “When Dreams Are Calling” say it all: “Words have power, Dreams have power, and We have power.” I can’t wait to share her novel with everyone!


Dora, Romanian-born heroine, has been on a life path chosen for her by well-meaning parents. They have encouraged her to become a lawyer, a perfectly respectable profession. Her energies seemed to be consumed with making her parents proud and finding happiness. The question is how do you marry the two objectives? Due to her choices she moves to Canada where she meets her best friend Robert.   He helps her when the job she flew across the world to take was no longer available.   Will she truly be happy? She travels extensively, visiting Cuba, Peru, Australia and Bali. Her journey eventually leads her to Paris, where she meets the love of her life Tomas, and an Argentinean chef in Paris for a cooking contest.  What truly defines happiness a romantic love or the perfect job or the perfect home?

My Thoughts: 

 I am definitely going to revisit this book when I need a reminder of that absolute power we all have to answer when dreams are calling.   I very much enjoyed this novel and encourage everyone to check out this novel by Carol.



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