Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Are Questions from the Past Meant To Be Answered?

I received this ARC as part of a program at DeKalb Library back in the fall of 2013.  A Question of Honor by Charles Todd is well known and popular with many of the friends.   Charles Todd is a new author who is not familiar for me.


Bess is currently serving as a nurse in the British Armed forces in the year of 1918.  Everyone hopes that the Great War will be over with soon.  One day while attending to her duties Bess runs across a soldier from her past.  He mentions that a Lieutenant Wade that everyone thought was dead is really alive. He was in her father’s regiment.  This soldier is fighting under an assumed name Corporal Caswell.  He is also linked to murders that occurred in both England and India.   Can Bess clear her father’s name? What really happened, and did Lieutenant Wade really commit these murders?  An investigation ensues with Bess and Simon putting the clues together. 

My Thoughts: 

Charles Todd is actually a mother son writing team.  They have written many Bess Crawford mysteries.  Many of my literary friends absolutely love them and can’t wait for the next novel in the series.  Since this series is new to me, I found it to be okay.  There was information that I felt was missing because I hadn’t read the other novels in the series.  So it is not really a stand-alone novel to me.  I did enjoy the novel.  It just wasn’t exciting to me.

A Great War novel with a mystery!  The novel is well written and paces the story well.  No characters really stood out for me due to reasons I just mentioned.  I would consider reading another in the series.



Please visit Charles Todd on their Facebook page or their Website.

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