Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Last Original Wife by Dorothea Benton Frank

This 2014 release by Dorothea Benton Frank takes us on the journey of those who are looking for a new beginning in life.  The question is how they choose to move on?  Would you agree with their choices?  How would those choices affect the others in their lives?


Wesley and Leslie Carter are in therapy but for very different reasons.  Leslie goes at the behest of her husband Wesley.  Does she really have anything to fix?  Is she justified in her feelings of not wanting to hang out with the new wives in their circle that are more their daughter’s age?  What about her accident in Scotland?    Wesley sees no need to make any changes that might reflect on his family.  He accepts everything the way that it is.  Why does anything need to change?

My Thoughts: 

This novel was not my favorite by Dorothea Benton Frank.  It is funny!  It is entertaining!  I feel that readers will find an escape with this novel.  It is set in both the cities of Atlanta and Charleston.  I also had the opportunity to listen to it.  I love Robin Miles as a narrator because of the negative tone.   This novel was partly based off of a true story that occurred in Ms. Frank’s life.

Leslie Carter the wife in this novel I could identify with as a character.  I loved her journey throughout the novel.  She steps up and takes happiness as a something that is important her.  How often do we sacrifice for others?  And not think of ourselves?



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