Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What Was Your First Job Like After College?

How many of you remember your first job once you graduated college? Was it everything you expected it to be?  In the most recent novel by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus The First Affair, a career takes a wrong turn.  How could that affect you and the ones you love?


Jamie McAlister has just graduated from Vassar with her good friend Lena.  Lena has a great job in Los Angeles and Jamie would like to join her.  So far she hasn’t been able to find a job out there.  What to do?  One day Jamie gets a message that she has been chosen for an internship at the White House in the Rutland Administration.  A family friend has loaned her an apartment to live in Washington D.C.  What could possibly go wrong?  One night Jamie has a chance encounter with the president which leaves Jamie wondering about their relationship.  Then the phone calls begin.  What does this truly mean for Jamie and her job?  Does she have any reason to be concerned?

My Thoughts: 

I had the honor of meeting both authors at the launch party in Decatur during the annual book festival.  They were there to discuss The First Affair.  This novel focuses the experiences that Monica Lewinsky had during the Clinton administration.  I vaguely remember these events from high school.  The authors’ focus on what would the experience be like for the protagonist. Why would she fall prey to someone in the position of authority?  My heart went out to Jamie as she experienced this relationship, and the circumstances. 

I did enjoy the book and felt that it is a page turner.  The middle of the book was slow for me.  I gained more interest once the events reached the climax. I also thought they did a great job getting the culture of Washington D.C. which I lived in for fourteen years.

Emma and Nicola have another novel coming out later this year.  It will be their last corroboration together for a while. 



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