Monday, March 9, 2015

Does Love Really Last? By Tina Guyden

As a mom of four, I read for escape. Not that I don’t adore the never-ending cycle of homework, laundry, arguments, practices… A little escape is needed for sanity’s sake. This is how I approached Don’t Mention the Rock Star by Bree Darcy’s debut.  Thank you to Bree Darcy for a copy of this novel for review.


Kellie and AJ met when he skateboarded his way into her tennis lesson.  At first, the surface differences--sixteen year-old Australian girl bound for university, and seventeen year-old American boy who just wants to be a musician.  Can there be any hope of a true relationship which seems unlikely? When has love's course ever been easy or predictable? They find common ground as they get to know each other. They both have very firm ideas and plans for how their future will look.  Is there a future?

My Thoughts: 

The premise caught my attention: Australian married working mom Kellie reconnects with her first love AJ Dangerfield who happens to be a world famous k American star. The story is told through flashbacks which allow us to track how they will inevitably reunite.  Every good romance must have a happily ever after.  The story was captivating. The characters, especially Kellie’s best friend Nikki and her son Ryan, appealed to me.  Learning about day to day living in Australia was an added bonus. The flashbacks did not seem to fit as comfortably on the pages as the author intended.

 I would be interested in another book in this series that followed Kellie’s children into adulthood.



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