Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Guide That Authors Need to Follow

I attended the Decatur Book Festival this year.  One of the discussions was a panel discussion on Book Reviews.  This panel included professional authors and professional reviewers.  I attended the discussion and asked one question during the Q and A at the end. I also mentioned that I am a Book Review Blogger. One of the reviewers told the people asking questions they needed to come see me and see how I the Book Blogger could help them. 

What these authors really needed is to check out Barb Drozdowich’s book Author’s Guide to working with Book Bloggers.  I unfortunately could not help all those authors who came to see me that day, but Barb can offer some great suggestions. 

This novel is about twelve chapters.  Barb used a survey of all of us Book Bloggers to help give guidance to the authors we are likely to work with.  This survey is included in at the end of the book. 

The main topics covered are: 

How to select a Book Blogger

How to contact a Book Blogger

How to write a Guest Post, Interview, or Promotional post.

How to then promote those posts once up on a Book Blogger’s website.

My advice is it is best to read this book as an ebook because there are some interactive elements.  You can read it as a paperback but you may want to refer to the internet with the websites mentioned in the book.



Please visit Barb on her Facebook page, Twitter, and her Website.

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