Thursday, January 1, 2015

Can Writers Walk Down the Aisle?

The next novella in the Zondervan Bridal series is the January Bride by Deborah Raney.  A little hint if you liked a novel The Accidental Bestseller which has appeared at Writer’s Corner then you will love this novel!


Madeline Houser needs to get her next novel written.  Her sister says come to their house oversee the renovations and get your writing done because you can write anywhere.  After spending some time at the  house Maddie is barely able to get work done and wants to have a serious talk with her sister.  Then her neighbor Ginny comes to the rescue.  The she suggests going to this inn to write.  It is owned by a widower who has lost his wife.  Maddie’s first visit inspires inspiration and she finds working there great!  It also helps that the widower leaves her notes.   She also leaves him notes. What will happen when they actually meet?  Could there be another bride going down the aisle?

My Thoughts: 

I am a writer and I love stories that discuss authors in the process of writing their novels.  You would think that might not appeal to me, but it really does.  I could not wait to visit this story each evening to find out what would happen next!  The most major downer was that I sort of knew where the story was going with the bride going down the aisle.  It was still fun to see how the plot of the story progressed. 

Deborah Raney has written other novels that are worth devouring!



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