Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Journey to England for One of the Most Popular Shows Downton Abbey!

It is always a privilege each year to see Wendy and see what her newest novel is that year.  She has also been featured in Read for Pink each of the last three years.  I shared Ten Beach Road last year and this year I am featuring While We Were Watching Downton Abbey.


Claire has just moved into the Alexander a building located in midtown Atlanta.  Her goal is to work on her writing of her next novel. Samantha is a board member and has lived at the Alexander with her husband for a while.  Then there is Brook who is recently divorced and still resides at the Alexander with her two daughters.  None of these ladies know one another until one night they are invited by the Concierge Edward to view a screening of Downton Abbey.  They find that they enjoy this considerably and a friendship develops.  Will it be able to survive any conflicts?

My Thoughts: 

I am a fan of Wendy’s work.  I had heard about Downton Abbey the television show, but had never watched it.  You don’t need to watch it to read the novel.  I have started  watching season one, and am about through season one.

 It took me a while to become more interested in the characters and their conflicts.  I was hooked by end of the novel.  The setting is a fictious building in downtown Atlanta located near the Buckhead area named The Alexander.  Everything in the story revolved around this building.  To me the one character that is most closely associated with the building is Edward the Concierge although Claire, Brook, and Samantha reside there as well. 

My favorite character in the book ended up being Claire.  I think because she is a writer. I also loved those critique partners of Karen and Susie.  Karen seemed so real to me!  I could actually picture her sending those messages.  

My favorite line in the novel is where Claire describes 285 as the ring of fire and no 
one outside the perimeter would dare try to go through.  This humorous statement refers to those who live in the Atlanta area.



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