Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Friendship that Should Last a Lifetime

The final selection in the Read for Pink that Writer’s Corner will cover is Jennifer Chiaverini’s Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker.  This novel came out a couple of years ago and is published by Penguin Random House.  I found this novel to be very interesting!  I did not know about this friendship of Mrs. Lincoln and Elizabeth Keckley and its history.


Elizabeth Keckley is the most sought after dressmaker (modiste) in Washington DC area.  She is begins by working with Mrs. Jefferson Davis and ends by working for Mrs. Lincoln.   Elizabeth bought her freedom for herself and her son prior to the Civil War.  So Washington is a place to start over while her son goes to school in Ohio.  Little did she know that the new president would have such an impact on her life.  Her services are sought by the first lady.  Will she be satisfied with Elizabeth’s work?  Does anything else come as a result of their relationship?

My Thoughts: 

I found this novel very interesting!  I didn’t know anything about the relationship between Mrs. Lincoln and Elizabeth Keckley.   I did not know how successful  Elizabeth would be back  in the late 1850s as a dressmaker.   I found it fascinating to find out what it was truly like to work in the Whitehouse and see the upcoming relationship between herself and  the Lincolns.  I was disappointed  by the ending. 

Much of the novel discusses the successes of the African Americans.   We learn about the programs for the new freedmen and women.   The perception of   Americans towards African Americans  disappointed me but was accurate for the time period.
I look forward to reading more from this author!



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