Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Is Revenge Always the Best Option?

I am excited to share the New York Times bestselling author Sarah Rayner’s  new novel Getting Even.  I was given this copy  for an honest review from St. Martin’sPress.  Sarah discusses  what happens with rivalry in the work place?  What did I think?


Orianna and Ivy have been an advertising team for a long time at the Green agency.  Suddenly she starts a relationship with Dan another executive at the company.  He changes how Orianna handles her relationship with Ivy, and other tasks at work.  Does Ivy notice?  Of course she does and wonders why the change all of the sudden.  Then a  position for an Art Director position comes open and she gets it.  How does Ivy handle the breakup of their team and Orianna’s secretive nature?  What will she do to get even?

My Thoughts: 
I wish I could tell you that I loved this novel.  I did not.  I did not find the characters very likable.  I could understand why Ivy responded the way she did to Orianna.  I thought the author’s premise of the one who is wronged  is not always the  injured party, was an interesting plot point.  The blurbs on this book described it as thrillingly wicked.  I can’t say that I agree.  Did she murder them in the end I don’t know?  I didn’t have much interest in finding out.

The story is set beautifully in London England.  I just wasn’t a fan of the tone of the story.  I would welcome a chance to possibly read another novel of hers.



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