Friday, October 3, 2014

How Can choices Impact One's Life?

The Witness by Nora Roberts is another selection in the 2014 Read For Pink campaign.  A young girl’s life of order becomes a path of rebellion cut short, when something deadly happens.  What will she do to protect herself?


The novel is set in the year 2000. We are introduced to Elizabeth Fitch, who is shunned by the outside world.  Her mother Dr. Susan L. Fitch has controlled her daughter all her life.  Choosing which classes to take, what major to what school to attend.   Her mother’s goal is for her to become a Neurosurgeon like herself. One day, Elizabeth (Liz) has had enough of her mom controlling her life, and begins to take action. She meets Julie Masters who introduces her to her new found freedom. They plan on sneaking into a nightclub, called Warehouse 12. They meet two cousins, Alex Gurevich and his cousin, Ilya Vorkov.  The night seems to be going well when they are invited to Alex’s place. Something terrible happens at his house.  Liz witnesses the murders of her friends Julie and Alex.  Who committed this vicious act?  What will happen to Liz when she reports to the police what she saw?

My Thoughts:

I found this novel to be an interesting read.  The plot was my least favorite part because it seemed similar to other of her novels.  However, I did love how Liz stood up to her mother.  I was concerned that the mother didn’t show any concern for her daughter’s situation. The author created a great character in the mother in how she was a foil to the daughter and helped move the plot along in the story.

 Nora Roberts never fails to provide an interesting story! 

by Josephine Mattias

Rating: 3.5/5

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