Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What Happened One Night?

This is my second novel about an accident in a week involving teenagers.  I didn’t plan it this way.  I am sharing Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand.   I am a fan of her writing and I hope you will be too!  We are still in Nantucket as always but this time the focus is a car accident, and its survivors.


Penny is dead, but three others have survived.  What happened in the one car accident?  How will this impact Demeter Castle, Jake Randolph, and Hobbie Alistair?  The children are not always the only ones affected.  Zoe the mother of both Penny and Hobbie bears the brunt of the accidents because of Penny’s death and Hobbie’s injuries.   What can she possibly do to move forward?  Jake’s father Jordan Randolph runs the local newspaper and can help Zoe get past this accident, but will she accept his help?   Demeter Castle is not doing well either but will her parents figure it out?

My Thoughts:

I did like this novel.  You may have noticed that I asked many questions in my synopsis because I felt it would spoil the story otherwise.  It is told from many different viewpoints.  You get the story from Jake Randolph, Hobbie Alistair, Demeter Castle, Zoe Alistair, Jordan Randolph, and Lynn Castle.  The only difficulty for me is not story told to you straight forward.   It is broken up by each character sharing bits and pieces.   The questions that arise while reading the novel are answered by the end.

As always the best part of this novel is the setting of Nantucket.  I also liked getting the feel of the locals of Nantucket.   A car crash can crush any community.   I was never part of an actual accident like in this novel.  I do remember a car crash that I heard over the radio which killed a girl I knew in my youth group while I was in high school.   

An interesting story over all that you the reader will enjoy!



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