Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What Can You Find on a Journey?

Looking for Me by Beth Hoffman is her latest novel which recently came out this May.  Thank you to Penguin for a copy of this novel and Tandem Literary publicity.  I met Beth when this novel first released and she was on the tour to promote it.  I honestly didn’t think I would like this novel or that I would prefer to listen to it as an audiobook.


Teddi grew up in rural Kentucky by the Red River Gorge.  She never got along well with her mother.  Does she really know her mother?  The same could be said for her brother Josh who has always been supportive.  He gives her notes with little feathers.  He makes one request in of her not to look for him.  Teddi is always left wondering what really happened to her brother? She continues to live her life and run her shop with her colorful patrons.  Will she ever find closure?

My Thoughts:

I loved this story!  Yes, it is about a brother who disappears, but that is not all.  I loved how we as the readers got to know Teddi from her early hears until present.    Teddi gaining her career in antiques and eventually the shop.    Then there is the most entertaining character of Mrs. Poteet.  I won’t give anything away but she brings great humor to the story.

 The structure of the plot goes from the past to the present.  One story line is Teddi growing up.  Another story line is her brother Josh’s life up until he disappears.  Then the final story line is the from Josh’s disappearance until the present. 

I don’t usually like flashbacks inserted in stories because I feel it takes away from the story.  It totally works in this novel!


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  1. This is a big surprise. Thanks so much for reading my new novel. I'm delighted that you loved it and grateful for your fantastic review!