Saturday, September 20, 2014

And Let the Competition Begin…

Thank you to Zondervan Thomas Nelson and Litfuse for a copy of this fabulous novel.  I received this novel in exchange for an honest review.  This is Betsy St. Amant’s debut with All’s Fair in Love and Cupcakes.  What could possibly be better than a little romance and some baking?


Kat Varland and Lucas Brennan have been good friends for a long time.  She is a baker at her aunt’s cupcake shop.  You would think she would be ecstatic to be doing something she loves.  The only problem is the shop requires a chocolate, strawberry or vanilla menu and no deviations.  So Kat likes to experiment at home with Lucas.  She also does not get a lot of respect from her family.  Can Lucas change all of this by signing Kat up for Cupcake Combat a reality television show?   Will he get the desired results from actually being on the show? What will Kat learn about herself through this experience?

My Thoughts: 

I had to stay up late to see how this novel ended.  Was it worth the wait yes!  I stayed up to see how Kat would fare in each round.  I would not have had a satisfying rest otherwise.  What initially appealed to me about this novel is a little romance with a little baking, and a great competition.   The author has a great plot twist she uses a reality television competition to extract the true feelings of her characters Kat and Lucas.   

Many of the questions that Kat asks herself in this novel I have asked myself on occasion.   The only part that wasn’t my favorite but added to the story was the constant hesitancy between Lucas and Kat.  I could very much identify with her character because I have a similar background.

This read is fun, fun, fun!  Did I say it was fun and enjoyable!  I think I am ready to bake some cupcakes who would like to join me?



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