Thursday, September 18, 2014

Do You Know How Many Wives Ernest Hemingway had?

So how many wives did Ernest Hemingway have?  The answer he had four wives.   The Paris Wife by Paula McLain discusses the first wife Hadley Hemingway.  What was she like?  Why did the author want to cover her?


Elizabeth (Hadley) Richardson Hemingway went to Chicago to have fun with friends. She went to a party and met a gentleman that is none other than Ernest Hemingway.  They can’t get enough of one another.  The next day she leaves for St. Louis and Ernest promises to write her.  Their correspondences lead to marriage and a move to Paris France.  Ernest struggles with his writing career.  He eventually writes The Sun Also Rises.  Where does Hadley fit in?  Will they eventually find happiness with a long life?

My Thoughts: 

I liked The Paris Wife!  My favorite class in high school was my American Literature class.  My favorite teacher was Ms. Etheridge she taught me to appreciate the classics.  I never read The Sun Also Rises but I loved A Farewell to Arms. So just getting to know the character of Hadley Hemingway was very interesting to me.

The plot of this novel follows the beginning of the relationship between Ernest and Hadley.  It chronicles their time together in Paris.  Also the interesting characters they met along the way.   Such as the Fitzgeralds and the Murphys, when they are in Paris. 
Only an English teacher could write a story about the life of Hemingway and his first wife.  She captured what one would hope to be the essence of Hadley Richardson Hemingway.

All in all an interesting read! 



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