Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Michele Gorman Shares Her Upcoming Release!

In June my next book, The Curvy Girls Club, will be released in the US and Canada, and I’m very excited about it! Having spent six months imagining The Curvy Girls Club when I was writing the book, I couldn’t shake the idea that this kind of club should exist all around the world. So I’ve created the real Curvy Girls Club, and it’s an initiative that’s very close to my heart.

So if you can, please post about the club to encourage as many women as possible to feel great about themselves. Because we can all use a little encouragement, right?
Imagine a place where nobody is judged by the size of their waistband, where you’re reminded every day how fabulous you are. That’s exactly what Michele Gorman did when she wrote THE CURVY GIRLS CLUB, and she had so much fun in that imaginary world that she’s creating the real thing! 

Welcome to The Curvy Girls Club – a friendly, supportive, encouraging community where everyone is welcome, a fun place for people who want to love themselves. Think of it as the most flattering fitting room in the world - perfect lighting and mirrors that make you feel fantastic. Because you are fantastic. And that's the whole point. 
Club members are treated to a daily dose of loveliness – empowering reminders that you’re pretty great just the way you are. Chat with one another, get involved in the book club and, once there are enough members, check out the real life social events. We’ve all got one thing in common: We want to live in a world where everyone is welcome no matter where they tip the scales.

Join the Club* for all the fun and the Facebook group to get your daily dose of loveliness.

* It’s not just for curvy girls, but for everyone who wants to feel great!

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