Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How Can Texts Change Your Life?

Mad About You by Sinead Moriarty is her latest novel.  Thank you to Netgalley for the review copy.   I look forward to sharing this new novel with you!


Emma Hamilton, a mother of two and make-up artist gives up the only life she has ever known in Dublin, and moves to London in support of her husband, Jame’s career as a rugby coach.   She is left without her usual support system.  She finds herself floundering a bit, until she makes friends with the neighbors.  She gets herself a new job in the London area.  The peace in Emma’s life is short lived as her husband continues to work later and later hours. Emma and James are soon inundated with texts of a very personal nature.  How well does she really know James?  Can their relationship survive?

My Thoughts: 

I really enjoyed my first book by Moriarty and I am looking forward to reading all of her past books (once they release them in the USA).   This book was well written and read super-fast.    Seeing how Emma handled the struggles with not just her absent husband, but her self-centered sister, and workaholic best friend was quite interesting.  I really enjoyed some of the side characters such as a millionaire hunting divorce and a go green mommy.  Of course this book makes you question what would you do if you were in Emma’s position. 

 After every text the couple received I was definitely wondering how my husband and I would handle such a scary situation.  The mysterious texts definitely added a level of suspense and mystery to this already intriguing novel about what happens in a marriage.  By Alicia Kociuba



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