Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What Would it Take For You to Act?

The Hesitant Hero by Gilbert Morris continues into World War II.   What member of
the family will we meet next?  


Tyler Winslow is the son of missionary parents and is anxious to begin his painting career.  He starts school but gets distracted by a beautiful woman named Caroline.  She is wealthy and feels that Tyler should be available whenever she wants him.  These distractions cause Tyler to flunk out of college.  One night he winds up in the ER and meets Jolie Vernay a medical student.  This chance meeting brings on changes for Tyler.  Will he be able to pursue his painting further?  Tyler winds up in France struggling to continue with his painting.   His path gives  him  the opportunity to meet up with Jolie again.  She asks Tyler for help with a problem.  Will he be able to think beyond himself and help Jolie?  Or will the events leading up to World War II change his prospective?

My Thoughts:

I absolutely love the House of Winslow series.  I also love the novels that focus on War in history.  They create interesting stories to share with the current generation.  The events focus on what happened leading up to World War II.  The author asks an important question.  Can God change our path by putting us through certain trials?
He does a great job of coming up with character driven conflict.  Tyler Winslow can he learn that others are more important than himself?  Jolie Vernay can she learn to accept the flaws in others and open her heart?  Then there are the children Yolande, Damien, and Rochelle will they have the faith to make it?


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