Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Life Lessons From David

In a Heart Like His by Beth Moore a devotional that includes questions a bible study in the back.

The story of David is told in  Second  Samuel, First Chronicles,  First Kings, and the Psalms which are books in the bible that comprise his life as recorded in scripture. The chapters focus on a particular challenge and how David was human but also followed God.  Then there is the application of what we can learn from David’s life.   The author’s focus is to teach us how to have God’s heart which David was an example.   There are fifty chapters in all. 

My Thoughts:

I love Beth Moore and she is one of my favorite authors.  I did not know when I picked this study up for a good price last Christmas that it was meant for men.   The women are directed to the live workbook studies.   I chose to continue through this study despite it.  My one major criticism of her books is the study questions are at the back of the book instead of after each chapter.  Her regular workbook studies are not this way.  The story was still told with wit and humor as always, and a great appreciation for God’s word.

If you have only read her books you should check out one of her live studies.  She will have a telecast in September for a live study.  You will laugh, cry, and learn with Beth Moore. 



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